Julia Lawall : Understanding Linux Network Device Driver Code (19/02/2015)


Julia LAWALL (Inria/LIP6-Whisper)


Understanding Linux Network Device Driver Code


A device driver forms the interface between the operating system and a specific device.  While the operating system, running on a CPU, has a global view of machines resources, the device, due to possible limitations on its capabilities and to security constraints, has a specific and limited view.  This different view of system resources leads to complex communication protocols.  To address performance issues and evolutions in device design, these protocols have furthermore changed over time.  We illustrate these issues in the context of network device drivers via examples, and consider how program manipulation techniques can be used to help in getting a global understanding of the code.

Julia Lawall has been a Senior Researcher at Inria since 2011. Previously she was an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen. Her work includes the development of the program matching and transformation tool for C code, Coccinelle.  Coccinelle has been used in the development of around 2000 patches for the Linux kernel.


Practical information

Thursday, February the 19th.
LIP6, room 24-25/405, 14-16 PM.

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Baptiste Mélès (2015, 14 septembre). Julia Lawall : Understanding Linux Network Device Driver Code (19/02/2015). Séminaire Codes sources. Consulté le 22 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/mzrb

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